Releasing the potential of your people to create competitive advantage.

Our Premise
At TMI we believe that your ambition to transform your business and make it flourish can be achieved
Our Primary Focus
identify, influence and shape your organisations key success factors associated with four key focus areas
Our Powerful Global Network
With resource centres in more than 40 countries, TMI's global outreach, delivery and project management capability is hard to match

Who is TMI?

TMI is a global organisation with a strong local presence in more than 40 countries, including Ireland. Ever since its foundation in 1975 in Denmark, TMI has gained respect and recognition in the international business arena.

Our primary focus is on identifying, influencing and shaping your organisation's key success factors associated with the areas of:

Branded Culture
Service Essentials
Performance Essentials
Leadership Essentials

TMI Ireland have operated successfully in the Irish market since 1985 with clients including:

IBM Campus Ericsson Microsoft
Siemens EMC Bord Gais
Abbott Oracle 3M
Mitsubishi Electric Johnson & Johnson Genzyme
GE Healthcare Superquinn Savills
Bord Bia Unicare Pharmacies Doc Morris
Irish Dairy Board Goodbody Stockbrokers Accenture
Irish Life and Permanent Bank of Ireland Wyeth Medica
Pfizer Ireland AIB Bank Stryker Ireland

TMI has an impressive track record of breaking new ground. Over the years, we have pioneered a number of concepts that have gained wide international recognition as major contributions to organisational knowledge and business practice: (click the + signs for more information)

  • 2008 - Mapping Your Service Recovery +

    TMI introduced the 'Mapping Your Service Recovery' concept - that offers an integrated framework and consulting process to establish systems and practices that help you learn from customers and recover their loyalty when things go wrong
  • 2008 - Shaping a Customer Centric Culture +

    2008 also saw the introduction of the 'Shaping a Customer Centric Culture'consulting process - a new and powerful approach to shaping organisational culture in service organisations.
  • 2005 - Branded Customer Service +

    TMI embraced the 'Branded Customer Service' concept developed by the Branded Customer Service Corporation. BCS provides a pathway to genuinely transform the customer experience to reinforce the brand at every customer interaction.
  • 2003 - Emotionally Intelligent Leadership +

    TMI presented the ''Emotionally Intelligent Leadership' concept - a unique programme for executives with the aim of assisting them in developing and realising their own potential as leaders.
  • 1999 - Heart Work +

    TMI launched the 'Heart Work' concept that made TMI a major player in the corporate application of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
  • 1993 - A Complaint is a Gift +

    A Complaint is a Gift concept was introduced by TMI, which established an innovative approach in shaping a complaint-friendly organisational culture, and offered practical solutions for effective complaint handling. The book written on the subject was published in over a dozen languages and quickly became a business bestseller. Its fully revised edition was released in 2008.
  • 1992 - Employeeship +

    TMI introduced the 'Employeeship' concept' - a management philosophy and consulting tool on how to shape a healthy and vibrant organisational culture that is characterised by mutual responsibility, loyalty, initiative and trust.
  • 1988 - The Human Side of Quality +

    'The Human Side of Quality' concept was developed for which TMI has received international recognition as one of the best contributions to quality development in the world.
  • 1982 - Putting People First +

    Another cornerstone of TMI's success was laid down - the 'Putting People First' concept. An exceptional service management approach about achieving excellent service quality.
  • 1975 - Time Manager +

    TMI introduced the 'Time Manager' concept - a unique philosophy which was the first of its kind worldwide. It established a whole new body of knowledge on how to enhance personal effectiveness and organisational efficiency.
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Our Approach

Together with the management and staff of your organisation, TMI explores the challenges and opportunities ahead and develops customised, innovative solutions characterised by creative and flexible design, sophisticated project management and a unique philosophy and style of delivery.

This is reflected in our proven approach, which we call the '5 Is'

Investigation - Understanding purpose; Exploring aspirations
Identification - Identifying strengths; Mapping out the steps
Implementation - Shaping attitudes; Building capability
Integration - Maintaining focus; Driving performance

At TMI we are like no other. Our focus on engaging and inspiring individuals around a common purpose to give their best selves is unique.

So is our ability to implement and integrate the solution throughout your organisation to make it work and make it last.

Combining short-term results with long-term value

Our way - the TMI Way - At TMI, our long history and global network provide us with a unique wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise across different organisational challenges, organisational sizes, industries, countries and cultures

A powerful global network

TMI recognises the importance of supporting the multi-national and multi-cultural nature of global enterprise through global representation and delivery

Today, with resource centres in more than 40 countries across the world, TMI's global outreach, delivery and project management capability is hard to match.

Our aim is to deliver top quality services on a worldwide basis to clients, wherever the location.

Many of our clients operate across frontiers. Our delivery capability and supporting materials cover more than 22 languages.

TMI has over 400 consultants and trainers around the world.

Over the years, TMI has directly influenced and inspired more than 6 million people worldwide, and continues to have a positive impact on the lives and performance of over 250,000 individuals working in a wide range of organisations each year.

TMI's global presence and experience means that our clients can enjoy all the benefits of a local office, while they can also draw upon our multicultural knowledge and global delivery resource - whenever required.

A truly international team

As a core part of our culture ever since 1975, TMI consultants from all over the world get together every year for the TMI World Congress. This hallmark event is one of our major platforms to leverage our diversity and capitalise on developments throughout our international network.

We share new insights, expertise and know-how, and develop our core skills and competence to provide best-in-class service to our clients.

TMI consultants have the competence to design and implement innovative and customised TMI development processes.

Our people are passionate about making a difference.

Conor O'Connell, Managing Director

Managing Director and Senior Consultant, TMI Ireland - International Master Trainer in the area of Personal and Team Productivity

Master’s Degree in Organisational Behaviour, Trinity College, Dublin

Conor has over twenty years experience in the design, development and delivery of inspirational Change Programmes, working with teams at strategic and operational level in a wide range of industry sectors. In addition to his extensive consulting and training background, he also draws upon ten years prior experience at senior management levels in operations and manufacturing. As evidenced by raving client and participant testimonials, Conor’s workshops are highly inspiring, practical and memorable.

He works internationally with blue chip clients including Microsoft, Wyeth, Oracle, Pfizer, Abbott, Accenture, EMC, Siemens and Johnson and Johnson consulting and delivering workshops on service quality, personal quality and personal productivity in Europe, USA, Asia, Africa and New Zealand.

His areas of expertise include:

Personal and Team Productivity – he is a Master Trainer for the Time Manager™ programme and has pioneered this training using Microsoft Outlook. He has been working with Microsoft EMEA for several years on this project
Facilitation of Strategy, Vision and Values
Culture Change, Service and Quality Deployment
Leadership and Team Development
Brand Alignment
Selling Skills and Sales Management

Why TMI?

At TMI we believe that your ambition to transform your business and make it flourish can be achieved.

In fact we know how.

We've helped our clients make it happen time and time again.

In organisations large and small,

in virtually every market sector,

at various stages of development,

in diverse cultural environments

- all over the Globe.

This is what we do. This is where we excel.

Performance Essentials brochure

For more information and case studies, click on the graphic to open a PDF of our brochure. (12 MB)

TMI's recent work in Ireland and around the world...

  • Amman, Jordan

    Another recent assignment with a pharmaceutical company was with the German giant Bayer in the Middle East. We ran a two day session in Amman, Jordan on strategic marketing and building the branded customer experience for their senior marketing and sales team. It was an intensive and practical session with an emphasis on individual and team actions.
  • Ireland and Worldwide - Pharmaceutical sector

    Personal Quality has been used by companies in the pharmaceutical sector to complement and enhance their drive to create a Quality Culture. A recent keynote address by the VP of Quality for Pfizer stated that SOP’s and Compliance is not sufficient to ensure patient safety and brand reputation. An across the board culture of quality supported by strong leadership and role-modelling is essential. Conor has been working in this area with companies like Abbott, J&J, Forest Labs and many others in Ireland and worldwide from Singapore to Chicago and Philadelphia to Brussels.
  • Shanghai, China

    As a Senior TMI Consultant and International Master Trainer for the Personal Quality Programme, Conor recently spent a week working with the TMI team in Shanghai, China

  • Ireland - Superquinn/SuperValu rebranding

    Conor has been working with the Superquinn team for more than ten years and in the last few months has been involved in the biggest brand change-over in Irish retail history. As many of you will have seen the Musgrave Group acquired the Superquinn operation and in February all the stores changed over to the Supervalu brand. TMI were involved in the preparation and roll out of this change. With an emphasis on delivering the same enhanced service that was associated with the Superquinn brand, we successfully prepared the colleagues for the big changeover.
  • Kuala Lumpur - Invited back

    Following the success of Conor's address at last October's conference in Malaysia, he has been invited back to work with a number of large organisations in Kuala Lumpur. He will be piloting the Personal Quality / Personal Guarantee concepts with Public Bank , Affin Bank, Nestle and also with PLUS Malaysia Berhad, the largest toll road operator in South East Asia.
  • Kuala Lumpur - Achieving World Class Service in Malaysia Conference

    Back in October 2013, Conor was invited to address this conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia organised by TMI Consultancy Malaysia. It was a major event attended by several of Malaysia's top companies. He ran a Masterclass entitled 'How to Create a Personal Service Quality Revolution in your Organisation'. Such was the success of this trip, Conor has been invited back to Kuala Lumpur to work with a number of companies who attended his conference masterclass. Read on! Read More
  • Ireland - Kingspan Structural Products Ltd.

    Another great Irish success story is Kingspan based in County Cavan and running manufacturing and selling operations across five continents. Conor is working with one of the senior teams in Kingspan to help them with Change Management and to build a culture based on exemplary customer service, quality and productivity. This is a long term project which will run well into the future.
  • Ireland - Origin Green: OFFICIAL Bord Bia 2013 Sustainability Development Programme

    You may also have seen the Origin Green advertising and promotion especially around St Patricks day as Irish Food and Drink companies brought their sustainability message to the world. The TMI Ireland team have been working for many months with Bord Bia, helping them to craft the key Origin Green messages into a training programme for their own staff and their client food and drink companies. Already we have trained more than fifty of Irelands key food and drink exporters in how to deliver the Origin Green message.
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What they're saying about TMI Ireland....

  • "Thank you again for the training on Monday, it was hugely beneficial to me. I am already 100% applying the techniques, training and advice and it is WORKING!It is probably the best training I have attended in the past 2 years.You are a brilliant facilitator/training/story teller. You made the training even better than it would have been." Microsoft South Africa, Microsoft Colleague Feedback on the Time Manager for Outlook Training Programme
  • "That was a really fantastic training! It was easy-going and powerful and valuable at the same time! You are an excellent trainer and actor. Thank you for all the information, it is very very important and I have already started using it from this morning! I have always been passion to technology and a very experienced user of Outlook and other Office products but you made my eyes open even wider and also discovered some new features I did not know." Microsoft India, Microsoft Colleague Feedback on the Time Manager for Outlook Training Programme
  • "I thank you once again for changing my life through the TMI and really appreciate your time & effort." Microsoft India, Microsoft Colleague Feedback on the Time Manager for Outlook Training Programme
  • "I found it extremely useful and I have already implemented some of the great tricks you taught us in my outlook and for the first time I work in Microsoft my inbox has dropped down to 100 e-mails only! (from a couple of hundreds before), which has never happened before and it is an absolutely great achievement for me." Microsoft EMEA, Microsoft Colleague Feedback on the Time Manager for Outlook Training Programme
  • "It was a pleasure to learn time management from you. I had heard so highly of your training that I was very eager to attend it and in spite of having a very hectic week at work, I decided not to drop out of it." Microsoft South Africa, Microsoft Colleague Feedback on the Time Manager for Outlook Training Programme
  • "It was such an awesome and enlightening experience. I absolutely love your training style and approach. You kept us interested and there was a lot of interaction and self-reflection. I am trying my best to manage my time effectively by using all your suggestions and outlook tips." Microsoft South Africa, Microsoft Colleague Feedback on the Time Manager for Outlook Training Programme
  • "It was tremendous learning and a eye opening experience for me personally. The learnings that I have had promises to rescue me from the shackles of time stealers and energy sappers, guide me to focus on goals with definite time lines and prioritize my life. I would definitely refer this workshop to my friends, colleagues and clients." Microsoft India, Microsoft Colleague Feedback on the Time Manager for Outlook Training Programme
  • "Many thanks for the reading list – and for an excellent course too!! You made me realize how much I needed the help!!! You made it entertaining as well as enlightening – I will definitely be recommending to my colleagues." Microsoft South Africa, Microsoft Colleague Feedback on the Time Manager for Outlook Training Programme
  • "Conor delivered a high impact 1 hour session for leaders in Dell's Dublin office last year. I received excellent feedback about Conor from senior managers and have recommended him for shortlist for the vendor contract to Dell EMEA for 'Personal Effectiveness through Outlook'." Cathal O'Kane, Performance Consultant at Dell
  • "Conor is a powerhouse presenter - capable of engaging people in a second, while trading 'bang-on-the-money' business insights and critical messages. A great asset to any leadership team to help any company deliver on strategy. Conor can engage and enable any group in an organisation - top management, customer facing staff, manual teams, middle managers." Nick Brice, Managing Director at 360 Degree Vision, L&D Partner Amex Stadium & Artistic Director White Room Theatre
  • "I have had the privilege to work with Conor over the past three years. He is not only an extremely bright and talented facilitator but he is exceptional to work with from a business partnering perspective. He is professional and passionate about facilitating and I would strongly recommend him to any prospective clients." Helen Pollock, Manager, Digital Media - Fox Networks Group
  • "In my role as a Programme Manager for Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), I work with Conor on a regular basis. Since 2005 Conor has delivered modules on Presentation Skills and Proposal writing to senior managers/ CEOs on SalesWISE, a high-level Sales Management programme for SMEs. Conor has also worked as a coach on this programme and has received excellent reviews from participants and coachees alike. Conor has also delivered modules on a number of other executive education programmes in DIT, always receiving excellent feedback. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable and above all practical - his methods are easily implementable and ensure lasting success." Colin Hughes,Assistant Head of School of Retail & Services Management at Dublin Institute of Technology
  • "Conor is a seasoned professional and brings passion, expertise and common-sense to Organisational Development. With a a strong set of tools and methods, Conor helped us create a customer service culture built on teamwork and excellence.”John Shaw, IS Director, Wyeth
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